THOMAS J. MILLER is extremely proud and excited to share his latest work, An Oktoberfest Death 


Retired cop and newly minted beer expert Bethany Judge travels to Oktoberfest to relax and instead becomes entangled in a murder investigation with international ramifications.

About the Book

When retired Buffalo police officer Bethany R. Judge travels to the Oktoberfest, her only plan is to celebrate her recent certification as a beer expert. She meets an American who happens to work at a Munich brewery and it seems that all of her hopes have come true at once. Caught up in the excitement, she over drinks and wakes up the following day, now the suspect in an unexplained murder. As more people around her are killed, Bethany finds herself entangled in a web that threatens Germany...and even the world.

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Thomas J. Miller


Thomas J. Miller is a prolific writer for the beer and wine industries. Among his publications, he was a columnist for Brew Your Own, BrewPub, and WineMaker magazines. A home brewer since 1990, he worked as an assistant brewer in Germany and Wyoming.


Thomas J. Miller is extremely proud and excited to share his first novel, An Oktoberfest Death.  

About the Novel:

Divorced and retired, Buffalo police officer Bethany Judge is finally free to fulfill her dreams. Recently certified as a beer expert, she travels to Munich, Germany, for Oktoberfest. Hobnobbing with local brewers, her vacation is a dream come true … until it becomes a nightmare. 

Caught up in the excitement, Bethany over-imbibes and wakes on a train with a hangover and a dead man and no clue what happened. She’s initially a suspect, but soon, a single murder escalates to a series of crimes, including the deaths of two brewery workers. Are the deaths related?

Retired and in a foreign country, Bethany can’t run around kicking doors down and chasing suspects, but she does agree to do a bit of spying. These multiple murders are just a smoke screen to cover a much larger conspiracy—one that threatens both Germany and the world. And to think, all Bethany wanted was some beer.


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