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A Great Holiday Gift

I first visited Munich's Oktoberfest on its closing day in 1988. I was an undergraduate German student just beginning a year abroad in Salzburg, Austria, but was not going to miss my chance at The World's Best Fest.

A train from Salzburg to Munich was quick - about 2 hours - and the train ride back afforded an opportunity to sober up before stumbling back to my student apartment.

Fiction arises from experience. The opening scene in my novel, An Oktoberfest Death, draws on that drunken day in 1988. My train ride was to Salzburg, not Garmisch, but the intent was the same - to avoid the cost of a hotel room. Fortunately, I avoided the additional drama that befalls Bethany R. Judge.

With easy ordering and delivery from Amazon, there's no better way to help your friends and family visit the Oktoberfest during COVID. Perhaps they will relive some old memories, or prime themselves for memories to come!


Thomas J. Miller

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