Chico Yeast

Less than twenty-four hours in the bottle and already this Golden Ale is clearing quickly!

I took a chance on this one. I harvested the yeast from a Bavarian Helles-inspired Golden Ale but my production schedule unexpectedly slowed. After keeping the yeast one-month in a sterilized container at 35F, I was a little worried it might ferment sluggishly and throw some off-flavors, especially heavy esters.

Those concerns were 100% unfounded!

At packaging/bottling, finishing gravity hit 1.012 and the sample taste from the hydrometer was favorable. Tapping is scheduled for Halloween!

This recipe had 50% Marris Otter Pale and 50% Pale 2-Row. Hop additions were East Kent Goldings for 60 minutes and 15 minutes, and Fuggle at Whirlpool - targeting 25 IBUs. Fermentation was held at 60F to manage ester production, then finished for a couple days at 68F before dropping the temperature to 40F for 3 weeks, with a final 3 days at 32F.

The yeast brand name is "Imperial Flagship." Highly recommended!

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