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Summer Ain't Over Yet!

It has been HOT all over America this summer and, for that matter, much of the world. Inspired by the heat, nothing sounded better than drinking American Wheat Beer, so I got busy brewing a few batches.

The style has plenty of room for variation and experimentation. Unlike German wheat beers, which express characteristics of clove and banana thanks to the yeast, American Wheat can be malty or hoppy, with a clean flavor derived from the yeast.

Look no further than some of your favorite names to

get a sense of this style's breadth. Widmer Hefe. Three Floyd's Gumballhead. Bell's Oberon. And the list goes on...

True to my love of German beer, I brew my American Wheat with a lean toward malt character and a hint of noble hop aroma and flavor.

Here is my most recent grain bill. Hops used were Tettnang and Saaz, both for bittering and whirlpool additions.

Yeast was a harvested crop of Imperial Flagship yeast, used in previous American Wheat batches this summer.

And so now we wait. The airlock is bubbling again and soon another American Wheat beer will grace my lips.

How about you? What's your favorite summertime beer?

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