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Book Three in the Bethany R. Judge series


Fresh off of receiving a postcard that taunts her to visit Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island, former Buffalo police officer and beer expert, Bethany R. Judge, travels to America’s heartland to continue her pursuit of a power hungry, religious zealot who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.


Bethany launches her investigation at the outskirts of Chicago, where she meets a group of craft beer enthusiasts who have created their own niche in the modern brewing scene. They take Bethany on a liver-drenching tour through eastern Wisconsin in search of the Midwest’s best beer, all while teaching her about the region’s rich brewing history.


They pound pints in Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, and Green Bay. But when news of the murder of four midwestern pickleball players hits local television stations, Bethany senses that she is closing in on her quarry. Success looks imminent until an act of unbelievable brutality sends Bethany into a spiral  from which she may never recover.


A Pilsner Death

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