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A Stout Death

I am excited to announce the publication of the second novel in the Bethany R. Judge series!

A Stout Death is now available on my website and on Amazon (Paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited).

About the Novel

A page-turning psychological thriller in the tradition of Rita Mae Brown, Daniel Hurst, Nelson DeMille, Mare of Easttown, and Girl on the Train, A Stout Death is a boozy mystery well-served with the murderous rampage of Mormon extremists and their quest for power.

Dodging death and drinking beer! Headlines scream the news about a shocking murder in Jackson Hole, capturing the attention of former Buffalo police officer and beer expert, Bethany R. Judge. When she learns that authorities are contacting Mormon leaders to assist with the investigation, Bethany connects the dots to a cryptic postcard she received from a “friend” she met in Munich, inviting her to visit Salt Lake City.

Bethany travels to the heart of Wyoming’s Teton Range to start her investigation and, within hours of arriving, samples an award-winning selection of craft beers at one of Jackson’s oldest and best breweries. Before long, she befriends a long-time local resident who reveals a story that links the attempted assassination of a U.S. President to an anti-government Mormon zealot .

Her quest for answers leads Bethany to a Utah beer festival, to a craft distillery, and to many breweries along the way. After witnessing a brutal murder, she drinks away the memory only to wake from her drunken slumber with the realization that her love of beer might prove deadly.

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